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Posterior Lumber Surgery Frame
Radiolucent carbon fiber four point spinal frame
Four-point Spinal Frame
GM-98 spinal frame
Kerrison rongeur, upward, 40 degree,
Kerrison Rongeur, 40 deg, Upward
Kerrison Rongeur, 35 deg, Upward
Kerrison Shaft
CrowardKerrison Rongeur
Sphenoid Kerrison Rongeur
Tri-D Kerrison Rongeur
Rotatable Micro Grasping Forceps
Rotatable Micro Spoon Forceps
Evans Rotatable Instruments Tray
Spinal curette forceps
Tourniquet Cuff
Air Pump for Tourniquet
Meter for Tourniquet


Bulldog Clamp
Mosquito Forceps
Arm for Abdominal Lifting with Clamp
    Suction Tube with Irrigation
    Lithotomy stirrups
    Suction Tube A
    Ring Curette
    DeBakey Micro Forceps
    DeBakey Micro Forceps CE
    Micro Dilator Forceps
    Micro Dilator Forceps CE
    Micro Hook
    Micro Tying Forceps
    Micro Tying Forceps CE
    Micro Jeweler Forceps
    Micro Ti Needle Holder
    Micro Ti Needle Holder CE
    Dual Needle Holder
    Yasargil Micro Raspatory
    Rotatable Micro Scissors DT
    Rotatable Micro Grasping Forceps DT
    Rotatable Micro Spoon Forceps DT
    Rotatable Micro Needle Holder DT
    Rotatable Micro Scissors
    Stevens Scissors
    Stevens Scissors CE
    Lawton Scissors
    Lawton Scissors CE
    McElveen Knife
    Cup Curette Angle Up
    Tumor Ring Curette
    Tumor Dissector
    Tumor Probe
    Tumor Knife
    Sickle Style Knife
    Dura Scissors
    Micro Scissors
    Rotatable Micro Needle Holder
    Flexible Forceps
    Malleable Suction Tube, SUS
    Ligation Instrument
    Malleable Hook
    Malleable Suction Tube
    Malleable Curette
    Malleable Dissector
    Malleable Forceps Rotation Type
    Micro Rongeur
    CEA Micro Forceps
    CEA Thin Needle Holder
    CEA Scissors 180mm, Sideward Cvd.
    CEA Scissors
    CEA Scissors 170mm, 35deg. Downward Cvd
    CEA Temporary Clip
    Internal Carotid Artery Clamp Forceps
    Tube Clamp
    CEA Shunt Clamp (IC)
    CEA Shunt Clamp (CA)
    B/L skull hemostatic forceps
    Raney Scalp Clip
    Dural Elevator, Flexible Shaft
    Micro Kerrison
    Dissecting Forceps
    Adoson Forceps
    Micro Forceps, Dilate, Titanium
    Micro Forceps, Titanium
    Micro Forceps with hook, Titanium
    Micro Thread Scissors, Titanium
    Micro Tissue Scissors, Titanium
    Trade Name: Micro Needle Holder, Titanium
    Micro Vessel Clamp, Titanium
    Micro Forceps, Dilate, Stainless
    Micro Forceps, Stainless
    Bone Rongeur
    Micro Vessel Clamp
    Tendon Forceps
    Steven Micro Scissors
    Tajima Retractor
    Flexible Retractor, 2 hooks
    Retractor, Small
    Tajima Retractor, hooks
    Single Hook, Sharp


    SUGITA Booster CLIPS
    SUGITA AVM Microclips
    Anastomosis Clip
    Sugita Clip Remover, Sano Type
    Sugita Clip Remover
    Sugita Clip Applier, Sano Type All-Angle
    Sugita Clip Applier, Sano Type Double Action
    Sugita Clip Applier, Slim Type
    Sugita Clip Applier, Keyhole Type
    Sugita Clip Applier
    Fukushima Keyhole Sugita Titanium Clip Applier (w/o Catches)
    Fukushima Keyhole Sugita Titanium Clip Applier
    Sugita Titanium Clip Single Shaft Applier DT
    Sugita Titanium Clip Single Shaft Applier
    Sugita Titanium Clip II Applier with the swivel ends
    Sugita Titanium Clip II Applier Sano All-Angle
    Sugita Titanium Clip II Applier Sano Double Action
    Sugita Titanium Clip II Applier Straight
    Sugita Titanium Clip Remover
    Sugita Titanium Clip Applier, Sano Type All-Angle
    Sugita Titanium Clip Applier, Sano Type Double Action
    Sugita Titanium Clip Applier
    Sugita AVM Micro Clip Applier
    Sugita AVM Micro Clip Single Shaft Applier w/o Catches
    Anastomosis Clip Applier
    Spetzler T2 Clip Applier Rack
    Sugita Titanium Clip II Case A
    Sugita Titanium Clips II Half Case
    Sugita T2 Clip Tray
    Sugita Titanium Clip Case
    Sugita Clip Case
    Sugita Titanium Clip II Case
    Anastomosis Clips and Instruments Case
    Multi-purpose Head Frame
    Head Pin SUS
    Smart Fix Head Pin
    Smart Fix Head Holder (SF)
    Radiolucent Multi-purpose Head Frame Up Grade Kit
    Head Pin, (Radiolucent, Carbon 2)
    Radiolucent Multi-purpose Head Frame
    Spring Hook, (Titanium) with Elastic band
    Multi-Purpose Head Frame II
    MRI Head Pin
    MRI Head Frame
    Spring Scalp Hook Retractors Ti
    Spring Scalp Hook Retractors SUS
    NV Adaptor, MRI/CT
    NV Adaptor, Stainless
    Aneurysm Raspatory Silver Tip
    Sitting Position Frame with Clamps

    Operating Table

    Operating Table MOT-VS700
    Operating Table MOT-VS600
    Operating Table MOT-VS500SK (Reverse mode)
    Operating Table MOT-VS500SK
    Operating Table MOT-VS500DK
    Operating Table VACB-3006B
    Operating Table MOS-1302B
    Operating Table MOT-5602BW
    Operating Table MST-7300B/BX
    Operating Table MOT-VE100
    Operating Table MOT-1602BW (EU) 110V
    Operating Table MOT-1602BW
    Operating Table MOT-6302W
    Operating Table MOT-6302X
    Operating Table MOT-6302
    Operating Table MOT-6702X
    Operating Table MOT-6702
    Operating Table MOT-3502X
    Operating Table MOT-3502
    Operating Table MOT-3602X
    Operating Table MOT-3602

    Operating Table Accessories

    Near-Infrared(NIR) Color Camera System HyperEye Medical System Handy
    Sterile Drape For HyperEye Medical System Handy
    Surgical Chair
    Mayo Instrument Tray with Stand
    Standard Armboard (C2)
    Standard Armboard (C1)
    Side Rail Extension
    V Attachment for Traction Device
    Cart for traction arm
    Leg Traction Device
    OB hand grips
    Side Rail Adaptor II for Carbon Fiber Board
    Side Rail Adaptor for Carbon Fiber Board
    Multi Clamp
    Adjustable Instrument Tray
    Instrument Tray
    Kidney Bridge
    Uro Drain Tray Set
    Cassette Tray
    Cassette Stand
    Cassette Holder
    Lateral Cassette Holder
    Radiographic Tops Fixed Type
    Radiographic Tops
    Arm Shield
    Side Extension Board with Pad (Bariatric)
    Lower Armboard
    Arm surgery board
    Arm Surgery Board with Support Rod
    Arm Strap
    Body Positioning Strap
    Body Strap
    Leg Strap
    Accessory cart (B)
    Accessory cart for traction device
    Accessory cart (A)
    Adjustable Body Support
    Wrist Strap
    Pubis Support
    Leg plate
    Seat Extension II
    Radiolucent Head Extension
    Seat Extension
    Leg Extension
    Head Extension
    Adapter for Carbon Fiber Extension
    Base Unit Attachment
    Mayfield Adaptor
    Head Supporter
    U-shaped Head Rest
    Narrow head section
    KUB Board
    Knee Rests
    Knee Crutches With Foot Support
    Foot Rests
    100cm Carbon Fiber Extension II
    122cm Carbon Fiber Extension
    Carbon Fiber Extension
    Pediatric Knee Crutches
    Knee Crutches
    Radiographic Chest & Waist Support
    Lateral Support
    Chest & Waist Support
    Head end uro tray bracket only
    Back Section Board Attachment for Pediatric
    Shoulder Positioner
    Shoulder Support
    Armboard for Prone Position
    Raised Armboard
    Locking Type Armboard (C2)
    Locking Type Armboard (C1)
    IVR Armboard
    Locking Type Armboard
    Double Axis Armboard (R2)
    Double Axis Armboard (R1)
    Double Axis Armboard
    Angle Adjustable Arm Board
    Imaging Arm Board
    Standard Armboard
    Upper Arm Support Joint Type II with Clamp
    Upper Arm Support II with Clamp
    Upper arm support with clamp
    Anesthesia Screen L Type with Clamp
    Anesthesia Screen Extension
    Anesthesia Screen with Wing Type
    Anesthesia Frame with Clamp
    Head Extension for VACB
    Catheter Tray
    Uro Drain Tray Set for SPL-331
    Cervical Spine Frame
    Back Section Board Short
    Table Cart