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Mizuho’s reputation for excellence is borne of products created
through a combination of dedication, expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Mizuho has established a deserved reputation for its extensive range of high-quality medical and healthcare products. Our dedicated product development team brings passion and ingenuity for innovation to the task of creating products that bring smiles to everyone. The product development process combines many years worth of wisdom and expertise together with the latest cutting-edge technology. Responding to the voices of customers, Mizuho is committed to ongoing product improvements in areas such as ease of use, convenience and safety.

We are involved in product development without compromise in order to create attractive and appealing products in new markets.

Mizuho closely monitors market trends and forecasts in order to identify likely areas of future demand. Head Office teams work closely with engineers from the Chiba and Gosen factories to ensure that new products are closely aligned with the expectations and requirements of global markets. We also source quality products from overseas to further augment our extensive product range across multiple domains, while utilizing our production technology to manufacture OEM products.

We work closely with our customers to identify their needs and tailor our products accordingly.

Our aim is to create customer-focused products that accurately reflect the expectations of our customers and provide genuine solutions that meet their needs. To this end, we strive to maintain an ongoing dialog with customers to identify their expectations and requirements. We visit hospitals and medical facilities regularly to engage directly with medical professionals working at the front line of healthcare delivery. These discussions provide valuable feedback that informs the development of new products as well as improvements and enhancements to existing products.


The ultimate combination of state-of-the-art technology and skilled experts

Mizuho produces cutting-edge medical equipment and devices that help to drive technological progress in the healthcare sector. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities are at the core of our operations.
Highly skilled and experienced experts use advanced technology to create a stunning array of innovative products. 
The Chiba factory complex with its dedicated Logistics Center sets new standards in productivity and logistical efficiency.   Mizuho is constantly expanding and evolving... and it all begins from here.

Here, products that carve out
the next generation are born and sent to the world.
Today and everyday,
we deliver smiles to everyone through our products.

Chiba Factory


Sakura, Chiba prefecture

The Chiba factory produces mainly operating tables and its accessories. The factory complex is home to the Repair and Training Center, the Logistics Center, an OR showroom and an exhibition zone of Mizuho history.


The manufacturing area on the ground floor has an atrium design that allows a direct view of production operations from above.

The newly installed high-speed precision machining center operates unattended throughout the night to provide additional production capacity for improved overall efficiency.

All products are subjected to stringent quality control testing prior to shipment on our extensive range of testing and inspection equipment to ensure compliance with safety and performance requirements.

The Service Training Center is central to staff education and development programs at Mizuho. This is where service engineers in Japan and other territories come together for specialized technical training programs designed to ensure that service and maintenance procedures are performed to the highest standards throughout the world. The Center is also used for new employee inductions and sales training sessions.

At over 1,800 square meters of floor space, the Logistics Center is big enough to house our full range of products, from micro surgical instruments through to operating tables. Combining all stock in one facility generates efficiencies throughout the production, inventory and delivery processes.

Gosen Factory


Gosen, Niigata prefecture

The Gosen factory manufactures a wide range of implants, micro surgical instruments and medical devices including the world-famous Sugita Aneurysm Clip, used in hospitals and clinics across the globe.

 Sugita Aneurysm Clip

3D Coordinate Measuring System

The 3D coordinate tactile sensing measuring system generates dimensional data for parts and components. It is used extensively during the design and development phase and also for product quality control.

Multi Tasking Machine

The new state-of-the-art multitasking machine is capable of performing multiple processes that would normally require several operators working on different machines.

Highly skilled operators perform exacting assembly tasks that cannot be entrusted to mechanical equipment. We lavish care and attention on every single product we make.

Quality Control

Patient health and safety is our top priority.
This is the core principle that underpins our quality control program.

Our product development process is driven by two key considerations:
how to contribute to improved patient QOL (quality of life) and how to help doctors and surgeons work more efficiently and achieve better outcomes.
Above these considerations sits the single most important principle of all: patient safety. Our goal is to minimize the risks associated with medical procedures. Mizuho products are made to the highest standards of safety and reliability, backed by a rigorous quality control program that encompasses all stages of the production process from design, development and manufacturing to inspection, packaging and distribution.

Mizuho is committed to complying with global quality expectations through continuous improvement and enhancement of quality control systems.

Our quality management systems have been designed in accordance with international standards such as ISO 13485 (Quality management systems for medical devices) as well as local legislative and regulatory requirements such as the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (Japan), FD&C Act (USA), CMDR (Canada) and MDD/MDR (Europe).
Quality control is an ongoing process that encompasses all stages from product planning to market launch, with a particular focus on design reviews and risk management at the development stage and continual quality improvement programs in production facilities.


Divisions / Departments

  • Head Office
  • Gosen Factory
  • Chiba Factory
  • Logistics Center
  • Technical Service Center

Certified products

  • Neurosurgical vascular implants
  • Hip joint implants
  • Spinal implants
  • Osteosynthesis implants
  • Neuro-endovascular instruments
  • Neurosurgical instruments
  • Operating tables
  • Accessories for operating table
  • Surgical lights for operating room

Production Processes

Value-added Mizuho products are created through the marriage of expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Key components are produced in-house to our stringent quality standards, while production processes are continually being reviewed and upgraded to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Quality Control

Testing and inspection is performed at all stages from development through to production as part of a comprehensive risk management program designed to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and safety.
Mizuho is also committed to responding promptly and in good faith to customer feedback including suggestions and complaints aiming for higher satisfaction.