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Sales and Customer Service

An unwavering commitment to customer service and medical science is the driving force that motivates the dedicated Mizuho workforce.

A strong service ethic is one of our key principles here at Mizuho. We are here to serve the medical professionals who are our customers, the patients who benefit from our products, and the healthcare sector in general. The Mizuho reputation is built on an extensive range of quality, high-performance products that are backed by our comprehensive after-sales support and service program. Mizuho is building an extensive domestic and global network to supply products, advice and support services promptly to customers all over the world.

The ultimate OR system solution will change your image of Mizuho.

Mizuho is working with selected business partners to develop an integrated OR system with the operating table as the centerpiece. The new integrated OR system is a safe, flexible and user-friendly system that will transform Mizuho from supplier of operating tables to trusted provider of fully-fledged solutions for operating room. We also offer a wide range of neurosurgical and orthopedic implants and devices for different applications.

Operating Room Equipment

Providing up-to-date information to support medical professionals.

Mizuho sales teams engage with medical professionals to determine their needs and requirements. This provides valuable feedback for improving and enhancing existing products as well as for designing new products. Mizuho is also an active participant in a variety of medical associations, industry groups and trade shows. There we provide the latest developments and industry trends to medical professionals.

The Mizuho Group global network is steadily expanding, with an impressive line-up of products in the global marketplace.

The Mizuho Group will continue to contribute to the health care sector by analyzing the latest developments in health care around the world and incorporating the findings into forward-looking product design, production and distribution.

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A comprehensive support network of sales centers and distributors throughout Japan.

Mizuho provides a comprehensive support network for domestic clients, with eight major sales centers around the country, distributors in every prefecture. We are always striving to improve service standards. For a more efficient delivery, the logistics center is located in the same premises of Chiba factory.

Mizuho also offers a complete range of after-sales support service designed to ensure that every Mizuho product performs to expectations.

We are committed to after-sales support services as a key component of customer satisfaction. To better support in every case, we have established an integrated repair and servicing program which encompasses both on-site and in-house repair and service jobs. We also offer a range of ongoing maintenance options. We strive to be number one in the industry for after-sales support services.

Note: If you have any inquiries about the product you are using, or if there is a problem with the product, stop using it immediately and contact your Mizuho sales representative.