About Us

Mission Statement

We are committed to helping people around the world lead healthy lives.

Mizuho’s mission has remained unchanged since its founding—provide safe and reliable equipment for a medical care environment in which to help people lead healthy lives and to deliver greater satisfaction to medical professionals and a higher quality of life (QOL) to patients. To fulfill this mission, all of us at Mizuho remain true to our corporate creed of honesty, contribution and solidarity and live by our guiding principles that include being customer-focused, innovative, and professional.
No matter how fast sociodemographic trends change and no matter how technologies evolve over time, we will remain at the forefront of the medical equipment business by exercising agility and adaptability as well as being passionate about improving people’s health. We are committed to delivering a higher level of service that will put smiles on more people’s faces over the next 100 years.

Role and mission of MIZUHO

To provide safe and reliable medical equipment and medical environments that meet the expectations of the medical professionals, and promoting patient QOL and supporting improved outcomes for all.


  1. We feel pride and gratitude for the successes of the last 100 years. We strive to earn the trust and respect of our clients and the general public in accordance with our underlying commitment to sincerity.
  2. We embrace transformations in society and technological advances as a means of creating opportunity from disruption.
  3. We develop and deliver world-first and best-performing products.
  4. We value our employees and continue to grow together with them.
  5. We promote interdepartmental and intercompany communication and collaboration to facilitate a greater sense of unity throughout the Mizuho Group.