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Multi-Purpose Head Frame

Firm cranial support provides accuracy, and increases comfort for the surgeon and the patient.

Komai's CT-Stereotactic Frame

Our stereotactic frame has the top sales record in Japan. Our lineup includes two models, one for CTs and one for CT/MRIs.

Sugita Aneurysm Clip

Mizuho's universally-recognized cerebral aneurysm clip

Mizuho's Sugita Aneurysm Clip - Recognized Throughout the World

In almost a century of history, perhaps our best achievement has been the development of the "Sugita Aneurysm Clip." The Sugita Aneurysm Clip was developed by then assistant neurosurgeon at Nagoya University, Dr. Kenichiro Sugita, and Masaru Inoue, director of Mizuho's development division. They began their work in 1973 and began production of the clip in 1976. The Sugita Aneurysm Clip overcame all of the obstacles present in cerebral aneurysm clips of the time, having intense closing force. and stable spring pressure, a form factor enabling secure clipping, and a compact size. The clip contributed to the meteoric rise in the success rate of cerebral aneurysm surgery and saved the lives of many patients throughout the world. Now, some 40 years after its development, the Sugita Aneurysm Clip is available in approximately 320 varieties, and more than 100,000 clips are manufactured every year for retail in some 50 countries. Sugita Aneurysm Clips have a global top-class share.

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