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Manufacturing,Development and Quality

Experienced Craftsmen in tune with State-of-the-Art Technology

Our factories are constantly improving and developing medical care technology through the manufacturing of superior medical equipment. Here, our craftsmen blend their enviable skills with state-of-the-art technology to methodically turn out new products. We have constructed a new facility containing a logistics center in the Chiba Factory, and this will enable us to drastically improve production and distribution efficiency. Ever powerful and ever active, the new age of Mizuho has already begun.

Chiba factory (Sakura, Chiba)

We mainly manufacture various operating tables and their peripheral equipment. Along with a repair center, a training center, a showroom for operating room systems and an exhibition room exhibiting the history of Mizuho, the factory also incorporates an enormous logistics center.

Gosen factory (Gosen, Niigata)

In addition to the Sugita Aneurysm Clip (a cerebral aneurysm clip), which is highly regarded by medical institutions throughout the world, the Gosen factory produces a wide range of implant products, micro surgical instruments, and other equipment.

The passion of developers and leading-edge technology are the reasons Mizuho’s products are so widely appreciated.

Mizuho has been producing and supplying worldwide a diverse range of highly acclaimed products for various medical care fields for many years. This success is due to our creative spirit and our desire to earn the confidence and assurance of everyone we deal with. Thus, our development team enthusiastically combines knowledge, skill and leading-edge technology to create a unique blend. Medical care institutes continually to ask us for products that are easier to use and safer on a daily basis. Our response is to always rise to these product development challenges.。

In order to successfully manufacture products oriented to our "Customer Focused" principle, and to accurately respond to the intrinsic needs and issues of medical care, we find it essential to exchange knowledge with the people who directly work in the medical care industry. We visit the front line of medical care on an ongoing basis to actively interact with our customers, not only for the purpose of developing new and attractive products, but also to continuously improve existing products.

Genuinely Reinforcing Our Quality Control System in Pursuit of Product Quality Consistent with Global Standards

In addition to acquiring the ISO13485 international standard certification for quality assurance in the field of medical equipment, Mizuho has created a Quality Management System that conforms to the quality standards demanded throughout the world, including Japan's Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Act, America's Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), Europe's Medical Device Directive (MDD), and Canada's Medical Device Regulations (CMDR). We also implement a complete set of quality control initiatives from product design through to market response, including reinforcing and substantiating our design reviews and risk management during the development process, and ceaselessly striving to improve quality on our production lines.

Production Processes

Value-added Mizuho products are achieved by integrating craftsmanship and the latest processing technologies. In other words, in-house production of all important components ensures quality, while production process improvements enhance productivity, so that products with excellent cost performance are achieved.

Quality Control

All of our products satisfy required levels of quality, but by implementing thorough risk management procedures from the development process through to the production processes we verify eminence to guarantee lofty levels of quality and safety. In addition, we do everything in our power to ensure customer satisfaction by swiftly and faithfully responding to all user requests and complaints.

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