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Corporate Outline and History

Corporate Outline

Company Name MIZUHO Corporation
Management Global Chairman: Takashi Nemoto
President & CEO: Hiroshi Nemoto
Excutive Senior Director & COO: Noriaki Nemoto
Head Office 3-30-13, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, JAPAN
Factory Chiba Factory (Chiba)
Gosen Factory (Niigata)
Center (Sales Office) Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Nagoya,
Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka
After Service Customer Center 2173-13, Ota, Sakura-shi, Chiba 285-0808, JAPAN
Logistics Center 2173-13, Ota, Sakura-shi, Chiba 285-0808, JAPAN
Founded June 6, 1919
Established November 30,1939
Capital ¥98,000,000
Sales Revenue ¥12,500,000,000 (fiscal 2016)
Employee 600
Bank Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Hongo Branch
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank,Ltd. Hongo Branch
Products Category Operating room equipment, Orthopedic implant, Neuro surgical implant, General surgical implant, and Veterinary implant Instruments
Main Productst Operating tables, patient transfer devices, aspirators, sterilization
orthopedic implants (plates, nails, joints, etc.), endoscopic surgical equipment,
microsurgical equipment, bone wax, cerebral aneurysm clips, CT stereotactic equipment, surgical instruments (forceps, scissors), operating lights,
ceiling arms, surgical brain systems.
Associated Companies

Mizuho Medical Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Urban Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Ikadenki Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Logistics Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Ikakogyo Tsubame Seisakusyo, Co., Ltd.
Mizuho OSI. (California, USA)
Mizuho America,Inc. (California, USA)
Mizuho Thailand Co.,Ltd. (Ayutthaya, Thailand)
TRILUX Medical GmbH & Co. KG (Arnsberg, Germany)


Head Office


1919 Eikichi Nemoto starts medical device wholesale business .
The private enterprise is named Iwashiya Nemoto Eikichi Shoten.
1939 Nemoto Eikichi Shoten Co., Ltd., is established.
Mizuho Kogyo Co., Ltd.,is established and manufacturing initiated.
1944 The factory is relocated from Kita-ku (Tokyo) to Gosen City, and re-named Gosen factory.
1947 Manufacturing of operating tables is initiated at a specialized factory in Tokyo.
1951 The corporate name is amended to Mizuho Ikakogyo Co., Ltd.
1962 Mizuho Ikakogyo Tsubame Seisakujyo Co., Ltd., is established, and production of
surgical equipment from forged steel commences.
1967 Kansai Center is established in Osaka. Gosen Factory is newly rebuilt.
1968 Electrical Department of Tokyo Factory is detached and configured to establish
Mizuho Ikadenki Co., Ltd.
1969 Kyushu Center is established in Fukuoka.
1973 Tokyo Factory is relocated to Funabashi and renamed Narashino Factory.
1979 Tohoku Center is established in Sendai.
1981 Mizuho Technical Training Center is established.
Trading Department of the Head Office is detached and configured to establish Mizuho Medical Co., Ltd.
1982 Tokai Center is established in Nagoya.
1983 Merchandise Control Center is established.
Takasago Packaging Co., Ltd., is established.
Niigata Center is established in Niigata.
1984 FDA certification is acquired.
1985 Chugoku Center is established in Hiroshima.
1986 Hokkaido Center is established in Sapporo.
1987 On-line access established with Merchandise Control Center.
1992 New Head Office building is completed.
1993 Mizuho America, Inc. is established.
1995 Capital investment in Orthopedic Systems,Inc. (California, USA) amounting to
major interest.
1998 The Head Office and Gosen Factory acquires ISO9001, ISO13485, EN46001 and
MDD certification.
1999 Narashino Factory acquires ISO9001 and EN46001 certification.
New facility at Gosen is completed.
2000 Divisional system is introduced
2001 The Kanto Sales Department of the Head Office is detached and configured
to establish Mizuho Urban Co., Ltd.
2002 Mizuho purchases and acquires Orthopedic Systems,Inc. (California, USA)
2003 The Showroom of the OR systems is completed and established at the Narashino Factory.
2004 The Narashino Factory acquires ISO13485, MDD certification.
2007 Chang the company name from Orthopedic Systems,Inc. to Mizuho Orthopedic Systems,Inc.
Mizuho(Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is established in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
2008 Tsurumi Logistics Center is established in Yokohama.
2011 Mizuho Medical Co.,Ltd. Shanghai office is established.
2013 Mizuho Logistics Co.,Ltd. is established.
Mizuho Medical Co.,Ltd. Bangkok office is established.
New facility at Chiba is completed.
Second Head Office building is completed.
2014 The corporate name is amended to MIZUHO Coporation.

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