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From Mizuho of Japan to Mizuho of the World

We make contribution to improvements in the development and manufacturing of safe and reliable medical equipment based on the concepts of “Devotion,” “Service” and “Unity” that all of our employees embrace sincerely. We have been at the forefront of the medical industry for more than 90 years since founding because of positive customer guidance and support, and for that we are sincerely grateful.
Rapid globalization has reinforced awareness of the world as one in all aspects of the medical care industry, and in light of this, we have changed our name to one that is more suited to a global corporation. We are continuing or expand to strengthen our capabilities by building a factory in Chiba and adding second head office. We are cementing ties with group companies to further unify the group to kick off pushes into other markets, particularly Asian and European markets, As well as actively promoting and tailoring new fields centered on systemizing operating room units. To continue improving our unique technologies for the Sugita Aneurysm Clip and other products, we are actively installing cutting-edge technologies from Japan and overseas to create striking new products tailored to customer needs and to establish ourselves at the global zenith of medical equipment manufacturing.
Our goal is to become a true global corporation capable of flexibly rising to the challenges of our ever-changing world is our goal. Thus, we aim to keep you pleased as we trailblaze into tomorrow’s world.

  • Group Chairman : Takashi Nemoto
  • President & CEO : Hiroshi Nemoto

Mizuho’s Three Main Principles

Customer Focused

Customers come first in our
administrative activities

Seeing things the customer’s way is indispensable in order to provide a starting point for our administrative activities.


Creating an environment that
nurtures new ideas

Preserving traditions alone does not encourage development. We have created a corporate environment in which change is seen as an opportunity and in which our employees can accept any new challenge without fearing failure, This encourages a creative drive for improvement and new ideas.


Knowledge work based in a sense
of professionalism

Knowledge work means to work with a sense of pride at being a professional, being in possession of expert knowledge based in a sense of professionalism, and to constantly strive to enhance and put this knowledge to its best possible use. Mizuho is a company of experts constantly nurturing and using their special knowledge.

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